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Missions Discipleship

The Widow and Sacrificial Giving

“‘Truly I tell you,’ He said, ‘this poor widow has put in more than all the others. All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.’” —Luke 21:3–4 (NIV)

I am humbled and amazed when I read the story of the widow in Luke 21:1–4. Jesus stands nearby, watching and waiting. He sees many people pass and place offerings in the collection container. What Jesus points out to His disciples is not the many, but the one.

Capturing their attention, Jesus remarks on the faith and sacrificial giving of this one extremely poor widow. Instead of skimming from the excess of her fortunes (which she does not have), the woman gives her all, her two small coins—such a small amount that it is not worth much. But this tiny offering is the last of her security. It is her final way to purchase food, clothes, and shelter. As she gives her two mites, I can feel the faith and trust she has in God to care for all of her needs.

I am amazed. Me, the one who wants to be as generous as this woman, the one Jesus noticed, but I sometimes fail. My mind whispers to hold back, just the tiniest bit, keep a little extra on hand, know there are other stashes of security to have. This woman, the one Jesus pointed out—sacrificially gave her all.

I am humbled. In a society filled with poverty, the widow gave it all and she placed her dependence and survival in God’s almighty hands. She demonstrated trust, obedience, and devotion. Do I have that much trust in the providence of our Holy God? How many times have I placed myself with others giving gifts out of their wealth? When have I joined the widow and given my last, all that I have?

Not only does Jesus make an example of the widow’s gift, but He also instills in us the desire to give with the same faith and trust. As we consider ways to sacrificially give, not just our money, but our time, talents, and energy, let us pray that the Lord will help us to humbly give our all to God and to preschoolers.


Lord Jesus, thank You for sharing this story with us through Your Word. Please help us to have complete faith and trust as we give sacrificially to You. Turn our humble offerings into more than they are worth in the world’s eyes. Please bless the gifts of our hands, our hearts, and our pocketbooks as we love and serve You. Amen.

Angie Quantrell is the editor for WMU preschool resources.