WMU aims to infuse leadership development in everything we do. From online, on-demand courses to print and digital resources to in-person training, WMU offers a variety of opportunities for discovering and expanding one’s leadership skills and spiritual gifts.

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Missions Discipleship Online Courses

Learn more about WMU Missions Discipleship by taking these online courses.

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Compassion Ministries Online Courses

Learn about the ministries and topics addressed in WMU Compassion Ministries by taking these online courses.

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How to Lead Missions Discipleship

(Downloadable Training Resources)

The training resources, tips, and planning guides provided on the How to Lead pages will help you start and lead missions discipleship in your church. The resource materials are provided as downloadable files (PDF, PowerPoint, etc.) that you can simply view on screen or download to your device to use or print.

Links to How to Lead Pages:

How to Lead Preschool Missions Discipleship >>

How to Lead Children’s Missions Discipleship >>

How to Lead Student Missions Discipleship >>

How to Lead Adult Missions Discipleship >>

How to Lead Churchwide Missions Discipleship >>

Cómo liderar el discipulado misionero en toda la iglesia >>

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Christian Women’s Leadership Center (CWLC) exists to engage Christian women in discovering and developing their leadership gifts and skills through holistic learning experiences so they may serve effectively as God calls them in life, the marketplace, and the church.