If you’d like assistance starting or growing missions discipleship in your church, we want to help! Our consultants would love to help you achieve your missions vision!
Keith Gates

Keith Gates serves as national WMU ministry consultant for Royal Ambassadors, Challengers, and Youth on Mission. He shares, “RAs changed my life as a camp staffer in the early 2000s. Developing a better RA program, at least in my circle of influence, has been a passion since then.” Keith has a vision for RA and in leading boys and students to grow in missions awareness and involvement.


Phone: (205) 991-4040

heather keller

Heather Keller is the national WMU ministry consultant for children and students. She is responsible for program planning and leadership development for Girls in Action, Children in Action, and Acteens, as well as managing missions discipleship online training elements. Heather enjoys empowering leaders to help children and teens realize just how much they can impact their world with the Great Commission.


Phone: (205) 995-4816

Joy Lee2

Joy Lee is Korean WMU Consultant for national WMU. In her position, Joy educates and involves Korean churches by providing training, conferences, and consultation to Korean missions leaders. She engages Korean churches for missions discipleship and leadership development. She continues to look for opportunities to cultivate a heart towards missions for all ages.


Stephanie Newton Adult Consultant 040324

Stephanie Newton is the lead strategist for adult and multicultural audiences for national WMU. She is responsible for program planning and leadership development of myMISSION, Adults on Mission, and Women on Mission. She also serves as the liaison for multicultural audiences, including Sisters Who Care, the Hispanic WMU/UFM network, and Korean WMU. Stephanie is passionate about encouraging leaders and empowering them to live on mission.


Phone: (205) 991-4017

Joye Smith2

Joye Smith serves as the national WMU ministry consultant for churchwide WMU and preschoolers. She enjoys helping church WMU directors as they involve their churches in missions in a variety of ways. She provides training and consultation to Mission Friends leaders so they will guide preschoolers to develop a heart for missions from a young age.


Phone: (205) 991-4980