Supporting Missions, Transforming Lives



WMU began 135 years ago in the hearts of visionary leaders to pray and systematically raise money for missions. Since that time, WMU has helped lead Southern Baptist churches across the country to give more than $7 billion through offerings we began to support missionaries.

Today, WMU continues to champion praying and giving to support Southern Baptist missions, as well as learning about missions, doing missions, and telling about Jesus.

We can often feel unsettled by the terrain that shifts constantly beneath our feet. In spite of the changes swirling around us at a dizzying pace, we can be confident about the future God has for us.

How? By understanding our mission matters most. Our unwavering focus is to make disciples of Jesus who live on mission.

When we live with this singular conviction, clarity emerges even in the midst of chaos. The Vision Fund enables us to proclaim into the future, the mission matters most. We will continue to make disciples of Jesus who live on mission.

Through WMU compassion ministries, leadership development, and missions discipleship, we will equip, empower, and enable the next generation to take their place in God’s plan.

That All People Will Know

Our desire is that all peoples of the earth would have the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel.

Would you join in this effort and give to the Vision Fund to support the overall ministry of national WMU above and beyond your current tithes and offerings?

Your gift will help advance our current level of kingdom impact in every state and 49 countries and also reach out in new spheres of ministry. Giving is easy.

Ways You Can Give to the Vision Fund

You can give online:

Or mail a check to:

WMU Foundation
Vision Fund
100 Missionary Ridge
Birmingham, AL 35242

Other Options for Giving

If you prefer to give to a certain ministry or fund, we invite you to explore options on the WMU Foundation website.

If you’d like to support Pure Water, Pure Love, give online now or see additional ways to support this vital ministry.


Thank you for your support. We are grateful for your partnership and are excited to see God working in our midst.

National WMU is not a part of the Cooperative Program allocation budget and receives no funds from the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering or Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. National WMU is supported through the sale of missional resources and from investments and charitable contributions.