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Jason and Mindy Tipton

Nov 2022 Monthly Focus 1
Nov 2022 Monthly Focus 2

Whether packing backpacks for children or taking meals to those in need in the heart of Denver, Colorado, Jason and Mindy Tipton and their son, Jonathan, are consistently teaching others what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus through their work at the Send Relief ministry center.

Jason Tipton serves as the director of Send Relief ministry center in Denver. Jason’s work with Send Relief has helped him build relationships with neighbors and co-workers in their community through weekly food distribution for refugee families, packing backpacks for children, and even job skills training. His goal is to partner with local organizations to reach more people and accomplish the greater work of sharing the gospel in Denver.

Mindy works as a preschool director in the city. Much of her time is devoted to partnering with families to work with their children. She hopes her role will cross paths with her husband’s ministry, enabling them to work together through the organizations they serve.

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