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Teaching Generation Alpha Preschoolers

If you’ve taught preschoolers for a while, you know that their world has dramatically changed, even from a decade ago. These changes can be challenging for teachers of preschoolers. But they can also provide opportunities to increase a child’s understanding of God and His mission for the world.

The preschoolers you teach now are classified as Generation Alpha. Generation Alpha is designated as those born between 2010 and 2024.

Below are five characteristics of Generation Alpha and what they mean for us as leaders. Please keep in mind that these are general characteristics and may vary from child to child.

Family Characteristics

Families of the preschoolers we teach will move more frequently. Family structures will be varied. Preschoolers may live with grandparents, a single parent, or other arrangements. Family life for Generation Alpha is likely to change throughout their childhood, teenage, and adult lives.

Teaching Tips:

    • Be sensitive to family structures as you teach.
    • Include families in your “Helping Others” activities and even weekly sessions.
    • Make the most of your time with preschoolers, knowing that some will move. When families move, stay in contact.

Diversity Characteristics

The ethnic makeup of your Mission Friends classroom is likely to change. Parents of the preschoolers you teach, and even the preschoolers themselves, may have been born in another country.

Teaching Tips:

    • Use pictures of preschoolers, children, and missionaries of different ethnicities.
    • Talk about Jesus’ love for people of different ethnicities.

Technology Characteristics

Generation Alpha preschoolers live in a digital world in most aspects of their lives. They have access to immediate information. Their brains are receiving information at a rapid rate.

Teaching Tips:

    • Preschoolers are familiar and even comfortable with obtaining information through electronic means. Teachers can use supervised technology as a tool for teaching about the missions focus area for the month.
    • Use technology to teach songs, listen to a different language, or explore nature items found in the missions area.

Education Characteristics

Generation Alphas enjoy learning through games, but at the same time prefer individualized learning. Prolonged screen time can cause language delays, smaller vocabularies, and inactivity.

Teaching Tips:

    • Provide fast-paced, hands-on learning activities along with space to move.
    • Create space for quiet time and listening to stories.
    • Use personalized learning activities as well as activities that promote working with others.

Social Characteristics

Preschoolers have watched parents and older siblings communicate through digital technology. This may have an effect on their in-person social skills.

Teaching Tips:

    • Create intentional interactions, such as role plays about the missionary.
    • Play group games.
    • Pair preschoolers for learning activities.

Teaching Generation Alpha comes with challenges, but it can also lead to great satisfaction as we realize the potential our preschoolers have for fulfilling the Great Commission!

by Stacy Nall


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