March 2024 Spotlight Update Aimee Stucke
Missions Discipleship

Spotlight Update: Aimee Stucke in Boston, Massachusetts

Aimee Stucke is delighted to share that Send Relief Boston has become an affiliate of the global Christian humanitarian organization World Relief and has been approved for 100 Reception and Placement cases in 2024. Reception and Placement assistance is a program offered by the United States Department of State, matching nonprofit organizations with selected eligible refugees. The center was also approved for a matching grant program, which will allow it to provide services to 50 refugees for eight months. In addition, Aimee has welcomed new team members who will help fulfill case management duties.

Continue to pray for Send Relief Boston and the members of the Geneva Initiative team in the following ways:

    • Pray God would provide landlords who are willing to partner with Send Relief in serving refugees in Boston. High housing costs make it difficult to find homes for refugee families, so partnering with landlords who are willing to help is crucial.
    • Pray more churches would step in to meet the needs of refugees as they go through the resettlement process.
    • Pray for spiritual and emotional healing for the people Aimee and her team serve.
    • Pray God would provide opportunities to share the hope of Christ with new refugees and immigrants in Boston.
    • Pray peace would come to countries experiencing war or economic crisis so refugees may be able to return home to be with their families.