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Spotlight Update: Jack and Brennan Gibbs Serving Ukrainians

War began in Ukraine in 2014, three years after Jack and Brennan Gibbs had moved there.

“It was hard to understand why a ‘brother’ nation would want to harm our people in Ukraine,” Brennan shared. She explained that the real struggle for her family came in February 2022 when Russia finally invaded.

“Our nine-year-old son became very angry,” she said of their son, Jackson, who is now 11. “He was ready to defend his country, Ukraine, and he began to hate the Russian government and thought that the Russian people were just as mean as their leaders who caused him and his friends to flee their homes.”

But after much prayer and many conversations, Jackson now prays for the leaders of the Russian government nightly and by name.

This is just one of the ways God has worked in and through the Gibbs family since the war started and since they moved to nearby Bucharest, Romania, where they began reaching out to Ukrainians who were also displaced.

“Experiencing war and watching the pain and suffering of those around us has really brought us to a place of seeking God’s word and wisdom,” Brennan said. “We cannot live through this without the strength and provision of Christ.” She knows God hasn’t left them alone in this, and they want to introduce others to that peace and hope.

“I think the pure goodness of God has propelled us to give food to those who are hungry, to give shelter to those without, and to care for the physical ailments,” Brennan added. “It is hard to walk with people in darkness, but the goal is to bring them nearer to Christ.”

by Grace Thornton