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Missions Inspiration & This Month’s Spotlight Update: Week of Prayer for International Missions

Despite the difficulties of the COVID-19 season, we have continued to see God at work in our lives and ministries. When the first cases of the virus were discovered in Kenya, the government mandated that children’s homes, such as the Shelter, send home all children with known family. We had already been in the process of fostering two of the boys at Shelter. We ended up fostering them through August, when they were miraculously able to be placed with family. Kenya Baptist Theological College, the seminary where Daniel serves, was also closed early in the pandemic and has remained closed. Daniel has been able to continue work through online classes with many of the students.

The Shelter worked with the Kenyan government to conduct two emergency street rescues. We have been able to rescue a total of 70 boys this year and, so far, have reunited 35 children with their families. We have also provided monthly food support for 35 families who were affected by the pandemic.

We ask that Southern Baptists continue to pray for children living on the streets and for those who have been rescued and reunited with their families. Also pray for the seminary and the students affected. And pray for faithful pastors and believers in Kenya, that they would stand strong in their faith and be a light to their communities.


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