Missions Discipleship

Praying for the World

There are so many books, conferences, and sermons on how to pray. Yet with all of this knowledge, how much time do we actually spend in prayer? And do we mainly focus on ourselves, or do we pray for the world?

Philip Nache, a North American church planter, is a believer in praying for the whole world.

“I have a strong conviction to reach the world with the gospel,” he said. “About 28 years ago, God called me specifically to extend that love to Muslims in my home country of Nigeria. This passion extended around the globe through prayer.”


A Model

As Philip came to understand the essential role of prayer in the global mission, he saw a need to develop a way to be consistent in praying for the world. The result was a model to cultivate the habit of global prayer. It includes personal concerns as well as guidance to pray intelligently for the entire world in a week. Philip has used this resource to train Christians and church leaders in numerous countries over the years to develop the habit of praying. Personal and family prayer times as well as church prayer meetings have become “effectively engaged in reaching out to the world.”


Nigeria to the United States

After 19 years of ministry in Nigeria, the Lord opened the door for Philip and his wife, Jummai, to come to the United States. They have planted two thriving churches in the Twin Cities area: Hope of Nations Gospel Church (mainly South Sudanese) and Hope of Nations Fellowship Church (mainly northern Nigerians). Both churches “are lights in their communities.”

The monthly Global Intercessory Prayer Meeting is another way to engage in praying for the world. Every month, researchers collect petitions from each of the six inhabited continents. Christians are invited to a monthly meeting where they break into six groups and intercede for each continent. During COVID-19, the prayer meeting became virtual and gained the “unexpected blessing” of Christians around the world participating, Philip said.

We can learn and talk about praying. But missions and the salvation of the lost depends on taking the time for praying—and praying intelligently.