june 2022 celebration as spiritual discipline
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Celebration as a Spiritual Discipline

Celebration is a part of life. We excitedly ooh and aah over a newborn baby. We celebrate birthdays. We applaud our children’s academic and athletic accomplishments. We rejoice at weddings, and we even have a celebration of life when a loved one passes away.

Celebrating seems to come naturally, doesn’t it? Why is it, then, we often fail to celebrate what God is doing in our lives?

Here are three possible reasons:

Blindness—We simply fail to notice.

Perception—We give credit to something/someone other than God.

Expectation—We want something different from God.

If we are going to live missionally, then we must break down these barriers and celebrate God’s goodness. Doing so not only gives God glory but also encourages others in their faith journeys.

Let’s do as the psalmist said, “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24 ESV). Let’s celebrate!

Celebrate What God Will Do

Kaye’s love for missions took her on several international mission trips. Team members often gathered at her home for a meal of thanksgiving before heading to the airport. Her husband, Mark, prepared the meal, but more importantly, he prayed for the team, thanking God for what He was about to do. That’s what I call celebrating!

Celebrate What God Is Doing

Ashley and her husband have three young children and recently became foster parents. She wrote, “Each of us is a missionary in the field God has called us to . . . even when it’s hard. What’s He calling you to? Yes, [foster care] is hard . . . probably the hardest ministry we have ever done, but it also may be the best ministry we have ever done. I have seen God’s face and His hand already, and I would rather be doing the hard work He is blessing than missing out on seeing a piece of His glory here on earth. I’m so grateful He called us to this.” That’s what I call celebrating!

Celebrate What God Has Done

Carmen sees her community as a missions field. She opened an ice cream shop, not to turn a profit but as a way to connect with people. She hosted an open house (complete with free treats) to celebrate a successful first season. That’s what I call celebrating!

How will you celebrate God’s goodness?

Jeanette Cloyd lives in Illinois, where she enjoys celebrating God’s goodness.