Missions Discipleship

Spotlight Update: Robin and Paul Tinley

In 1498, Christopher Columbus landed on the shoreline of what is now Venezuela. Tradition says early explorers thought the houses reminded them of Venice, Italy. The new land was called “little Venice” or “Venezuela” in Spanish.

Today, International Mission Board missionaries Robin and Paul Tinley hope more people will discover Venezuela, not by claiming the land or its resources but by sharing Christ with the lost of Venezuela, whether they live in the country or are refugees fleeing their homeland.

Consider these statistics that explain the need for prayer:

    • Worldwide every minute, 20 people leave everything behind to escape war, persecution, or terror.
    • More than 6 million Venezuelan migrants and refugees have fled Venezuela, making it the second-largest displacement crisis globally.
    • An estimated 7 million people inside Venezuela will require humanitarian assistance in 2022.
    • 30,000 Venezuelan refugees asked for asylum in the US in 2018.

June 20 commemorates World Refugee Day. Remember statistics represent people—men, women, children, young, old—in need of Christ’s love and our compassion. Pray for the missionaries. Pray for the pastors who do not flee their countries.

Janice Backer is a freelance writer living in Jefferson City, Tennessee.