Why Give to the WMU Foundation Make an Impact with the Vision Fund

Why Give to the WMU Foundation? Because WMU Matters!

In 1995, Dr. Dellanna O’Brien (then the executive director of national WMU) recognized that in order for WMU to continue to focus on making disciples of Jesus who live on mission, additional funding would be needed. This was the beginning of the WMU Foundation.

In the beginning, WMU supplemented the WMU Foundation’s budget. However, during the tenure of David George (WMU Foundation president, 2002–23), that avenue of support was slowly reversed as the WMU Foundation became self-supporting.

While WMU and the WMU Foundation are separate organizations, both enjoy a missions-centered partnership, working together to fulfill the same calling experienced by Annie Armstrong — to support missions.

WMU’s unwavering focus on making disciples of Jesus who live on mission happens through missions discipleship, leadership development, and compassion ministries, with kingdom impact in every state and 39 countries.

Most people do not realize WMU is not a part of the Cooperative Program allocation budget. WMU relies on the sale of missional resources, and the generosity of donors to the WMU Foundation provides additional support that supplements its needs. Whether you make your donation to the Vision Fund, the Joy Fund, or the Touch Tomorrow Today Endowments, your gifts make a tremendous impact on the work of WMU.

All donations to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions are allocated directly to mission support. WMU does not receive a portion of those funds.

Your donations to the WMU Foundation make it possible for every WMU employee to focus on developing missions discipleship materials that will be used to share the love of Christ with people of all ages, from preschoolers to adults, all over the world. They allow WMU to supply the funding needed to pay WorldCrafts artisans a sustainable living wage. They provide the materials needed for Christian Women’s Job Corps and Christian Men’s Job Corps to equip and instill hope in those seeking an education and job training.

All of this is possible because you believe in the work of WMU. Consider helping sustain this work during this year’s Mission Matters Most campaign by making your gift before May 14, 2024. Visit wmufoundation.com/vision to learn more and to give a one-time or monthly gift today.

Peggy Darby is president of the WMU Foundation and is proud to be a grown-up member of Girls in Action and Acteens!