July 2022 CJC Volunteer Blog
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Volunteer with CWJC/CMJC

In 2021, 4,708 volunteers served a total of 113,066 hours at Christian Women’s Job Corps/Christian Men’s Job Corps sites across the country. The commitment of these volunteers has had an impact on the lives of men and women for eternity.

One CWJC participant shared this: “Those at CWJC helped me know I have value and purpose in life. They are the first people who have believed in me. They have shown me love and have helped me find my way.”

Not only are the lives of participants impacted by the volunteers, but volunteers regularly share how their lives have also been impacted.

One volunteer shared, “Volunteering at CWJC has blessed my life immensely with the privilege of watching ladies grow from timidity to a relationship with Christ that gives them a confident assurance about their eternal relationship with our heavenly Father. Another amazing result of their relationship with Christ is to see their perseverance in learning English and other skills to better their family situation.”

As sites are preparing for the fall semester, the need for volunteers is great. The following are some of the possible volunteer opportunities that are common at many sites:

    • Computer Teachers
    • Bible Study Leaders
    • Mentors
    • High School Equivalency Tutors
    • Administrative Assistance
    • Greeters
    • Child-Care Workers
    • Providing Meals

These are just some opportunities that may be available at a CWJC/CMJC site near you.

The Lord has equipped us all with gifts, skills, and talents that He can use as we serve Him. Consider contacting a CWJC/CMJC site near you to discover how you can impact the lives of men and women through the gifts the Lord has given you.

To discover a CWJC/CMJC site in your area, visit christianjobcorps.org/sites.

Lena Kappen is the CWJC/CMJC National Coordinator for national WMU.