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Missions Discipleship

Tips for Getting to Know Your New Missions Group

Your first gathering with new GAs, RAs, or CAs is a great opportunity to set a joyful tone for the year. Show children your care for their lives and your enthusiasm for the people of the world with games, great conversation, and prayer.

Favorite Things Game—Give each child a piece of paper and a pencil. Have each child fold his or her paper in half and then in half again, creating 4 sections. Instruct children to open their papers and draw a favorite toy in the top left section. In the top right section, have them draw a favorite sweet treat (candy, gum, chocolate bar, etc.). In the bottom left section, have them draw a favorite book. In the bottom right section, have them write a favorite color. Fold the papers, and place them in the center of the table. Let children take turns choosing a paper to unfold and guess who drew each one.

Teach Us How Cards—Give each child an index card and a pencil. Have children write something they can teach the group to do on one side and a country they want to learn about on the other side. Read and discuss the cards with the group, listing ideas for fun activities and learning/service projects.

Memory Match Game—Create question cards with get-to-know-you questions as well as questions about countries and Bible stories. Create 2 copies of each question card. Give each child a chance to turn over 2 cards at a time. When someone finds a match, he or she will answer the question on the cards.

End your time together by praying for each child or by having children pray for those on their left or right. Also, remember to pray for your GAs, RAs, or CAs throughout the weeks to come. Pray for God to draw their hearts to Him and equip them to build His kingdom in their lifetimes.


by Kristen White