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Missions Discipleship

Spotlight Update: New Places and New Relationships Equal New Opportunities for Ministry

Sara Fenton (name changed), who was born and raised in rural Georgia to parents who had immigrated from East Asia, and her family have just celebrated their second year in a new place of service in East Asia.

Since they are already familiar with learning new countries and cultures, Sara, her husband, and their three children are building relationships while discerning where God is working.

“I am thankful to see how God is growing my understanding of local culture, worldview, and religious beliefs so I can more effectively communicate the gospel,” she explained.

“This has come through many encounters and conversations with local people, both believers and [nonbelievers] alike,” she continued. “As I get to know more people here, the opportunities for ministry also have increased.”

She meets with local women for Bible stories and gets to know their friends and families. From these encounters, her circle of influence widens and her outreach events allow her to “share about who God is and the salvation offered to them through Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.”

Her whole family gets involved in the ministry. She said her children, who are 6, 10, and 12, “often open doors for us to new relationships as they play with other kids or perhaps open up conversations with others simply by their presence. They pray with us for the salvation of many friends, neighbors, and others who have yet to turn to Christ. They are a valuable part of our family’s ministry!”

by Virginia Kreimeyer