August 2023 Adult Spotlight Update McKee Family
Missions Discipleship

Spotlight Update: Jae and Carole McKee in Cold Bay, Alaska

Pray for Jae and Carole McKee as they continue following God’s call in one of the most beautiful places on earth — Alaska! Jae is the director of missions and church planting for the Alaska Baptist Resource Network, and in this capacity, he and Carole serve the community of Cold Bay.

“Cold Bay is seeing some turnover this summer, and it will affect the church going forward. Pray God would help the people lead locally in Cold Bay and Sand Point,” Jae said.

Pray also for the continual safety of Jae and Carole as they regularly travel by plane from Anchorage to Cold Bay and other Alaskan villages and communities that are only accessible by plane or boat.

The McKees see the great need for biblical community in the area and are faithful in their calling to reach people in the most remote places with God’s love.

Pray for the people of Cold Bay and those living nearby in Nelson Lagoon, False Pass, and King Cove. Be a part of what God is doing in Alaska through your prayers!

Laci Post writes historical fiction and articles from Dallas, Georgia. She went to Alaska for the first time in July 2022 and loved it!