Feb 2024 spotlight update
Missions Discipleship

Spotlight Update: Catherine Knowles in South Asia

Catherine Knowles, who serves with the International Mission Board (IMB) in South Asia, offers insight into what it looks like to surrender to the call of missions and serve through IMB.

Catherine’s encouragement is, “If you feel the call, don’t ignore it.” She urges believers to step out boldly and trust God will lead. Catherine shares how she remembers her love for God and how she wants all “people to get to experience — His love for them,” this reminds her of her calling and motivates her to keep going.

Ways to Pray, Give, and Go through IMB

IMB is committed to pursuing the lost in the remaining 3,000+ unengaged, unreached people groups. This effort, called Project 3,000, is an IMB initiative to send 300 missionary explorers over five years to seek out ten unengaged, unreached people groups each. These explorers will learn about the people groups and their needs, develop ministry strategies, and find national partners — praying these people groups will move from unengaged to engaged and from unreached to reached.

If you or someone you know might be interested in becoming a missionary explorer, visit imb.org/missionary-explorer.

IMB is on major social media platforms where you can view up-to-date information about initiatives and ways to pray, serve, and give. Visit imb.org for more information about all the ways to serve with IMB and for a list of next steps. To learn more ways to pray, visit imb.org/pray, and for ways to give, visit imb.org/give.

IMB offers many resources, including a yearly prayer guide called Loving the Lost that features 52 weeks of prayer resources for unengaged, unreached, people groups.

by Abi Khavari