Dec 2023 spotlight update central asia
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Spotlight Update: Brent and Amy Dorsett in Central Asia

The Dorsett family recently celebrated ten years of ministry in Central Asia! They say that while life in Central Asia can seem pretty hard at times, “we have grown to love this place and are thankful the Lord has called us here.”

Continue to pray for Brent, Amy, and their children, Elizabeth and Luke. The local organization Brent works with is going through a difficult time as the result of a tragic accident involving Central Asian team members. Pray for those involved, for their family members, and for the organization as it deals with the impact of the accident. Pray also for Luke, who is recovering from a severe burn he sustained at school, and for the family’s housing situation, which is currently in flux.

Lastly, don’t stop praying that the hearts of the people of Central Asia would be softened to the gospel. In particular, lift up in prayer a friend of Amy’s who has heard the gospel and says she believes it is true but is afraid to give her life to Christ for fear of how her family would respond.