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Missions Discipleship


Annie Armstrong was a woman who put her faith into action. She rallied Southern Baptists to give more, pray more, and do more to help missionaries around the world. Annie was not satisfied with the status quo, and in 1895, she led churches to raise over $5,000 for missions. Her persistence sets a moving example for children, and her testimony will inspire them to get involved in putting missions into action. Here are some ideas to help you get your church’s children involved in the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering and the Week of Prayer for North American Missions.

  1. Download and use the Children’s Mission Study from anniearmstrong.com.
  2. Allow children to pray during worship services for the missionaries highlighted on the week of prayer resources.
  3. Encourage children to pray with their families at meal times and even during lunch at school for week of prayer missionaries. Parents can include the week of prayer brochure in lunch boxes for children who can read, or just the picture of the missionary for younger children.
  4. Show Annie Armstrong Easter Offering videos during your missions group time. Include a special prayertime for the missionaries after the video.
  5. Create a challenge with adults versus children for the offering. Choose a prize for children if they win, such as a pizza party or an ice cream party.
  6. Be creative and allow children to invent things they could make and give for Annie Armstrong Easter Offering donations. Examples include hosting a lemonade stand, selling cookies and brownies, or even making potholders.
  7. Invite a local church-planting missionary to meet with the children of your church. Pray for that missionary. Ask him how your children could support his church plant, and even create a missions project for children to do for that church.
  8. Provide resources for your children to help them learn more about Annie Armstrong. You can find Annie Armstrong biographies, leaflets, and more at anniearmstrong.com.

by Christine Conrades