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Missions Discipleship

How to Introduce the Missionaries to Preschoolers

One of the greatest blessings we have as Mission Friends leaders is that we get to introduce the missionaries to preschoolers.

At the beginning of this church year, you may have preschoolers who have never attended Mission Friends before. They may not be familiar with the word missionary.

Tips for Introducing Missionaries to Preschoolers

Follow these tips for teaching preschoolers what a missionary is and what they do.

    • Explain the word missionary in simple terms for preschoolers: A missionary is someone who tells people about Jesus.
    • Help preschoolers know that missionaries in different places use different ways of telling people about Jesus.
    • Share that some people have never heard about Jesus, and they need someone to go and tell them how much Jesus loves us. Many people do not have a church where they can hear about Jesus.
    • Each month, familiarize yourself with the featured missionaries and their work by reading “Meet the Missionaries” in Mission Friends Leader.
    • Show pictures of the missionaries from the Mission Friends Leader Kit. Use the conversation, questions, and Bible thoughts included with each picture.
    • Tell the mission story about the featured missionary in Group Time each week. Ask questions about what the missionary does to tell others about Jesus.
    • Talk about the missionary while preschoolers are involved in activities. Many of the activities suggested in Mission Friends Leader include conversation starters to help relate the activity to what the missionary does to tell others about Jesus.

Throughout the Mission Friends sessions, preschoolers will hear concepts repeated about missionaries. As they hear you talk about missionaries during activities and Group Time, they begin to understand what a missionary is and what missionaries do to tell people about Jesus and His love for all people.

Joye Smith is the WMU preschool ministry consultant.