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It’s March! But April’s coming!

April is just about here! With the new month comes Easter, the most holy of all days in the year. Boys and girls will be celebrating the Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. The celebration will focus on how the grave and the cross are empty and how much our Savior loves us.

With the new month also comes a focus on North American missions. GAs, RAs, and CAs will focus on the North American Mission Study and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. Leaders will encourage children to not only give to the offering but to learn ways the offering supports the work of those who serve in North America.

April would be a great time to celebrate the girls and boys who participate in the mission study and the offering. WMU offers two badges/patches that may be awarded this spring: the North American Mission Study Badge/Patch and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering Badge/Patch.

Are you looking for new ways to award the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering badge? If so, here are 6 ways to do so.

  • Ask children to discover 3 ways that money given to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is used to help North American Mission Board missionaries do their work. Award a badge/patch for each child who tells what he or she learned.
  • Ask GAs, RAs, and CAs to draw and color a picture depicting how the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is used by North American Mission Board missionaries. Display pictures throughout the church as a way to promote the offering. Award a badge/patch to each child who participates.
  • Ask children to write a song about why the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is important. Award badges/patches to GAs, RAs, and CAs who participate.
  • Have older GAs, RAs, and CAs research the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering online (with adult supervision). Encourage children to tell Mission Friends some of the ways the offering helps North American missionaries. Award badges/patches to children who participate.
  • Lead children to plan and present a skit, play or monologue that promotes the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. Award badges/patches to the children who participate.
  • Award badges/patches for children who give to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.

Will any of those ideas work for you and your missions organization? We hope so!

We’d love to hear other ideas on how your missions organization awards the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering Badge/Patch! Send your ideas to children@wmu.org. You may just see these ideas show up in a future blog, on our website or in social media!