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On the Journey

10 Benefits of WMU for Me

In a recent webinar, the host asked, “What do you see as the greatest benefits WMU brings to the local church?”

As I prepared for the interview, I pulled out my StudiAct notebook. This was an individual achievement plan through Acteens. On the first page was an essay I wrote as a teenager titled, “Why I Am a Tither.”

The notebook made it through 43 years (and seven moves) and reminds me today of the powerful lessons I learned from faithful Christ followers who took the time to invest in me.

I quickly wrote ten benefits of WMU for me.

  1. Stewardship: I learned to acknowledge everything comes from God, and I have a responsibility to steward well that which is entrusted to my care.
  2. Gospel Proclamation: After we met on Wednesdays, my Acteens leader and I would go out in the community. She taught me how to share my faith.
  3. Christian Worldview: WMU changed my worldview. I became aware of God’s work around the globe.
  4. Geography: Those involved in WMU missions discipleship programs always aced geography exams. It was a nice benefit.
  5. Compassion: I was introduced to Scripture to help me understand the compassion of God. We did hands-on ministry to nurture the spiritual discipline of compassion in our lives.
  6. Prayer: Prayer was a high priority. I was taught what prayer is and how to pray according to God’s will. I learned how to pray for missionaries.
  7. Heart for the Nations: I discovered I was part of something larger than my tiny church in Southern Illinois.
  8. Leadership: WMU equipped me for leadership roles in my church, association, and state, and at the national level. As a young adult, WMU leaders gave me responsibility. When I failed, they encouraged me to try again.
  9. Ready Response: Involvement through WMU enabled me to hear and respond to God’s call on my life. Continued involvement enables me to set my heart toward (as one WMU leader called it) “predetermined obedience.”
  10. Passion for Missions: WMU developed in me a lifelong passion to develop spiritually toward a missions lifestyle.

This month we celebrate Focus on WMU Sunday. Take time to reflect on your own experiences. What other benefits would you add to my list? Now spend some time in prayer expressing gratitude for all you have learned and experienced.

Father, The time others spent investing in us and the time we spend investing in others has eternal significance. We are grateful for both. Work through us. Do more than we can ask or imagine for Your kingdom. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Sandy-Wisdom Martin serves as the executive director/treasurer for national WMU.