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Missions Discipleship

Summertime Is the Right Time for Family Missions!

Summer is the perfect time for your family to try fun, new ways of sharing God’s love. These ideas will help your family focus on God’s mission locally and globally.

Neighborhood Field Day

Invite neighbors over for a day of fun and games. Plan activities for children of all ages, such as relay races or kickball. Tell a Bible story or pray for your neighborhood. If your yard does not provide enough space, try a local park! Build relationships with your neighbors, and share God’s love through hospitality and sportsmanship.

Story Time

Pick a Bible story to learn as a family. Discuss how it points to Jesus and the gospel, and encourage everyone to share the story with someone they know. Check out Tell the Story from This helpful resource includes a beautiful story cloth portraying 40 Bible stories, along with lessons and activities to help children remember the stories. Storying is an easy way for children and adults to relay the gospel message to others.

World Refugee Day

June 20 is World Refugee Day. Host an event to collect money to support a refugee relief agency, such as Send Relief. Let the entire family brainstorm and participate. Sell handmade creations at an art sale, offer to do yard work, or host a pet wash. Or instead of collecting money, try giving up TV, sodas, or eating at restaurants, then donate the money you save to the relief organization.

As your family participates in missions projects, remember to spend time at home together reading God’s Word and asking Him to guide you. Praise God for allowing you to participate in His mission.