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Compassion Ministries

World Water Day

Stop for a moment and consider the number of times each day you utilize the water in your home. How would your day change if you had to walk two or three miles to gather the water your family needs? For most living in the United States, access to clean water isn’t something we have to consider. However, 771 million people around the world lack access to clean water resources.

These realities can be difficult to process, yet the Lord is at work. Through the WMU Compassion Ministry Pure Water, Pure Love (PWPL), many are gaining access to clean water resources, but most importantly they are hearing about the Living Water. Through PWPL, those serving overseas are provided water filters so they have clean water in their homes. In addition, communities around the world are provided grants for wells and other clean water resources.

 For one community, the addition of a well allowed opportunity for the pastor of the local church to share about the Father at a dedication service for the well. During this time, seven people came to know the Father and began their relationship with him. For one family, preparing to serve overseas, having access to water filters eased their concern for clean water so they could focus on preparing their family for the transition to their new home.

World Water Day is March 22. Consider the following options as ways you can be involved in providing access to clean water throughout the world:

  • Pray for those serving overseas to stay healthy as they serve.
  • Pray for believers to have opportunity to share about the Living Water with those in their community.
  • Pray for communities that have received PWPL grants as they implement their water project.
  • Provide information for those in your church about PWPL and water needs around the world.

To learn more, about PWPL and the ways you can support, visit