April 2022 preschool article using the Bible with preschoolers
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Using the Bible with Preschoolers

Preschoolers are the perfect age to learn about the Bible. Preschoolers eagerly observe, imitate, and follow the adults in their lives as the adults read and apply the Bible to their own lives. This is especially true when the Bible is explained in child-friendly terms. We can thank God for creating preschoolers ready to learn about the Bible!

Here are some practical ways to use the Bible with preschoolers.

Use child-friendly Bibles.

  • Make sure a Bible is included and used in every Mission Friends session. Our preferred classroom Bible is CSB Read to Me Bible.
  • Use a Bible that includes illustrations of Bible stories. Illustrations help preschoolers see what is happening as Bible stories are read to them.
  • Encourage preschoolers to hold and handle the Bible. The Bible is for them. Simple tears or damage can be taped up or repaired. Allow preschoolers to hold the Bible, turn the pages, look at the pictures, listen to a story, and ask questions to build comfort and familiarity with the Bible.

Use the Bible in each session.

  • Place the Bible in a different interest area during each session of the month.
  • Use teachable moments during activities to open the Bible and read a Bible thought related to the activity.
  • Draw attention to the Bible by placing it on a pretty place mat, by asking a child to pull it from a gift bag, or by helping you find the Bible.
  • Before Group Time, ask a preschooler to bring the Bible from an interest area to the Group Time area.
  • Hold the Bible in Group Time as you say a Bible thought.

Share Bible stories.

  • Sit with preschoolers as you read a Bible story. Sit side-by-side, hold a child on your lap, or cozy up on pillows. Preschoolers may not remember all of the story details, but they will internalize the feelings they experience as they spend time with the Bible and a trusted adult.
  • Let preschoolers hold the Bible and turn pages as you read a story. Discuss pictures and point out story details. Keep Bible stories simple but accurate.
  • Guide preschoolers to retell a story while holding the Bible. Provide story props to encourage preschoolers to share a Bible story.
  • Mark the Bible at the appropriate page for the story you are sharing. Hold the Bible on your lap and open it as you share the story.

Support preschoolers as they grow in their understanding of the Bible.

  • Do your best to answer preschooler’s questions. Open the Bible and hold it as you respond with biblically based answers.
  • Share that the Bible teaches us how to live. Give examples of how missionaries use the Bible in their work. Tell something the Bible has taught you about how to live.
  • Ask questions to invite preschoolers to explore why the Bible is important in our lives and the lives of missionaries, such as: Why does the missionary teach people about the Bible? Why is it important to read Bible stories about Jesus?

Babies, Ones, and Twos enjoy sitting on a teacher’s lap and looking at pictures in a Bible, pulling Bible bookmarks from a Bible, and hearing a teacher speak kind words to them.

Threes and Fours love holding story props as they listen to a Bible story and being in charge of holding the Bible as a teacher or peers open it to a Bible bookmark and share the Bible thought.

Kindergartners show their understanding of a Bible story when they retell the story, draw a picture of a Bible story, or use props to share the Bible story with others in their classroom.

Using the Bible with preschoolers will help them to see the importance of the Bible in our lives. By keeping the Bible on hand, accessible, and in use, we can teach our preschoolers to value God’s Word.

by Gina Smith