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Missions Discipleship


Think of the Bible stories in which people had to flee for their lives. I think of David as he hid from Saul in the caves of the mountains. I remember the story of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus as they fled from the tyranny of King Herod. I also think of Joseph’s brothers who fled to Egypt because of famine in their own land. What are the stories that came to your mind? Even though you may have read these stories many times, did you think of these as stories about refugees?

As you think about the refugee crisis in our world today, take a look at the biblical accounts of people who were displaced. Let your study of these stories help develop your response to refugees. WMU offers a resource, Refugees: Forced to Flee, to help you study 12 stories about refugees from the Bible.

  • To study as an individual, use 1 Bible study a week to guide you in reading and reflecting on each story.
  • To use in a group setting, the group might gather once a month or have virtual gatherings to discuss the Bible stories.
  • Ask the questions with each story to help you reflect on your own thoughts or to bring about discussion in a group study.
  • Go further into Scripture with the verses offered for deeper learning.
  • Let the prayer prompts guide you in praying for refugees.
  • Ask God to show you the needs in our world today and ways for you to respond.


By Joye Smith, national WMU Preschool Consultant