November blog
Missions Discipleship

Praying Our Hearts Out

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the children’s team would encourage GA, RA, and CA leaders to focus on encouraging children to pray for workers, their communities, and their families. Consider using some of these prayer ideas to share with children and families as you reach out to them during this time.


Prayer is a wonderful way to minister to the world, right where you are—no restrictions, no special equipment needed, no limitations. Although we may never know the answer to our prayers, God’s power is revealed through prayer. But be faithful! Our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world depend on our prayers. Let us be diligent. Pray your heart out! Model the importance of prayer for your GAs, RAs, and CAs. Here are a few suggestions:


  • Prayer Corner/Curtain – Hang a plain shower curtain in a small corner or closet. Use a projector to draw the outline of the world in permanent marker on the curtain. (Or you can purchase a shower curtain with a preprinted world map design.) Invite children to use markers (dry-erase if reusing) to write prayer requests on the inside of the curtain (or use sticky notes). Children can then close the curtain and pray for their requests. Continue to use throughout the unit or even the entire year, adding requests and recording answered prayers.

  • Pick a Place—Prior to the meeting, choose countries or cities across the world that begin with the same letter as the first names of your children. Write on sticky notes to distribute during the lesson. Ask children to post the note someplace where they will see it every day. Ask them to listen for news stories about their countries, or older children can research information on the internet with adult supervision. Tell children to become informed prayers and pray specifically for God to touch that particular part of the world and any missions efforts.

  • Find a Prayer—Prior to your meeting, cut out the letters of the word prayer, any size. Write requests on the back and hide them within the meeting room. Send six volunteers to find the letters. Gather in a circle for volunteers to share and pray for each request.

  • Feel a Prayer—Gather a few items that evoke positive feelings (stuffed animal—safety; heart—love; blanket or coat—warmth; bracelet or ring—friendship; can of food—satisfied or fed; water bottle—no thirst, etc.) Discuss how Jesus wants us to care for people. Ask children to pray for missionaries around the world who may be facing some difficult times. Invite volunteers to pray for several of the prayers mentioned. Instruct children to find someone this week and show they care.

  • Sculpt a Prayer—Distribute a small amount of air-hardening clay to each child. Instruct him or her to think about all the requests from the unit of study, then “sculpt” an object as a prayer reminder.


by Judith K. Moore