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Compassion Ministries

Praying for CWJC/CMJC Sites

Each week men and women across the United States and several other countries meet at Christian Women’s Job Corps/Christian Men’s Job Corps sites for classes that will help guide them in reaching their goals. Many have a relationship with Jesus, but many do not. Through Bible studies, they are able to learn about the hope found in Jesus Christ, and through mentoring, they are encouraged and shown an example of what following Jesus looks like.

Prayer is the foundational component of each CWJC/CMJC ministry. Through the prayers of the leaders at each site, prayers of churches that support each site, and the prayers of others sites do not even know, lives are impacted for the kingdom.

“Knowing many people are praying for us is an encouragement. We let our participants know that many are praying for them as well. Prayer is a vital part of our ministry. We see God at work through the prayers of many.” —CWJC Site Leader

We encourage you to join as we pray for CWJC/CMJC leaders. Consider the following as you pray:

  • Pray for site leaders to have wisdom as they lead.
  • Pray for God to bring participants to each site.
  • Pray for participants to be open to the Word of God and His plans for their lives.
  • Pray for the Lord to provide the needed volunteers and financial resources for each site.
  • Pray for participants to pass needed tests and exams to further their goals.

Each month, you can access a prayer calendar at christianjobcorps.com/pray