Missions Discipleship

Powerful Prayers

After everything our world has experienced in the last few months, it is great to cling to the fact that God is in control. And this is a critical time to be prayer warriors, praying not only for our friends and family, but for our church, our nation, missionaries worldwide, and for what God has in store for us as we spread the good news of Jesus Christ. The opening unit encourages children to think about heroes and heroic deeds but to realize and understand that God has all events under His protection.

Prayer Protection—Before the session, gather items that protect people (Ex: Bible, goggles, umbrella, gloves, pocket protector, etc.). Try to have one item for each pair of children. Discuss how each item protects a person. Guide children to pray in pairs for the people who use the items, for protection, and for unique ways to use the items to tell about Jesus.

God’s Watching Eyes—Instruct children to cut out a pair of protective glasses from oversized construction paper, making sure to add earpieces. Instruct children to leave the eyepiece area solid. Give two large googly eyes to glue to the paper where the eyes would be. Say: The Bible says that God is always watching over His children. Think about all the places a missionary goes in a day. Put on your glasses and pray for the missionary’s safety as he or she travels to tell people about Jesus. Or, guide children to pray for the many types of people the missionary might see in a day.

Rhythm Chant—Gather supplies before the meeting: small cardboard tubes, rice, stapler, construction paper (precut the length of the small cardboard tubes), markers, and tape. Assist children as they make a “rhythm tube.” Direct children to write P-R-A-Y in large letters on the construction paper and decorate as desired. Tape to the tube. Staple one end securely, and add 1/4 cup of dry rice. Secure the opposite end. Using each letter of “pray,” guide children to “chant-a-prayer” in a singsong rhythm while shaking the tube. (Ex: P is prayer for missionary power, R is for right words to say, A gives answers from God’s Word, and Y means you, and you, and you! Challenge children to come up with a new chant each week.

Be A-M-A-Z-E-D!—Create a walkabout maze in a corner of the meeting area before children arrive. Use tape on the floor or ropes to mark a twisting and turning maze for children to follow. Create prayer stations at various places in the maze. Use the unit prayer requests, or place objects with prayer requests hidden under them as guides for children to stop and pray as they walk the maze and pray!

Gratitude Giving—As children talk about gratitude, guide them to pray for people to whom they need to say Thank you! and I appreciate what you do. Challenge them to thank five people each week.


by Judith K. Moore