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Missions Discipleship

Missional Characteristics for Preschoolers: Do Missions and Tell About Jesus

As WMU seeks to make disciples of Jesus who live on mission, we want to instill a heart for missions within preschoolers by developing in them four missional characteristics:

  • Learn About Missions
  • Pray for Missions
  • Support Missions
  • Do Missions and Tell About Jesus

In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at how preschoolers do missions and tell about Jesus.

Missional Characteristic: Do Missions and Tell About Jesus

I love the chorus to the “Mission Friends Song”:

Mission Friends are happy,
Mission Friends have fun.
Mission Friends can share God’s love with everyone.

This sweet song reminds us of the capacity God has placed within even the youngest among us to share God’s love and message. My favorite memories of leading preschoolers to do missions is hearing the youngest child share a simple “Jesus loves you!” with someone.

Although preschoolers may not be able to participate in an overnight missions trip like older children do, they can still do missions and tell about jesus in many ways.

Helping Others activities found in Mission Friends Leader are simple ways to involve preschoolers in doing missions. Helping Others activities are a way for preschoolers to make, do, or give something to others.

As a Mission Friends leader, you can extend a Helping Others activity so that preschoolers can meet the people they are trying to help and perhaps have an opportunity to share what they know about Jesus.

Examples of Ways to Enhance Helping Others Activities

  • If the Helping Others activity for December is making cards for nursing home residents, why not arrange for preschoolers to hand-deliver their cards? Lead preschoolers to sing simple Christmas songs. Each parent could bring their own child to the nursing facility. You will want to contact the nursing facility to schedule a date and discuss health and safety issues with the staff. You should also talk to your preschoolers about what to expect.
  • Your preschoolers could help bake treats and make cards for first responders. Make arrangements for your preschoolers to deliver the goodies to your local fire or police station. First responders enjoy hosting preschoolers, sharing about their work, and showing off their shiny vehicles!
  • If your church is involved in a community fair, sporting event, or parade, lead preschoolers to pass out water bottles with Scripture verses. This would require close supervision and help from parents.
  • Painting rocks has become a popular activity. Use a permanent marker to print “Jesus loves you!” on small rocks. Invite preschoolers to paint the rocks. Send rocks home so preschoolers can give them to friends or neighbors and tell them that Jesus loves them.
  • Lead your preschoolers to make Heart Notes for people who work at drive-through banks or restaurants. Preschoolers decorate heart-shaped paper. You or your preschoolers can print, “Jesus loves you!” and “Thank you!” on the hearts. Send a note to parents explaining the project and asking them to help their child deliver the notes when they are with their parents.
  • You can also encourage parents to involve their preschoolers in reaching out to their neighbors with cards, cookies, welcome bags, and so on.

I hope you will enjoy leading and being led by preschoolers as you do missions and tell about Jesus.

by Stacy Nall