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Leadership Development

Interview with Sandy Wisdom-Martin, host of the On the Journey Conversations podcast

Q. Sandy, what attracted you to the idea of launching a podcast?

In the aftermath of this global pandemic, we need to embrace new ways of gathering. We believe this podcast will offer a good fit for the Christian community and the timing is perfect.


Q. Who is your podcast for?

A. With current technology available, Christian women are bombarded with options. Our desire is to deliver memorable experiences through our interviews that provide a significant return for the investment of time. We want to make disciples of Jesus who live on mission.


Q. Are there certain topics you plan to cover?

A. We will touch a bit on historical leadership as well as best practices for today. I think listeners will want to know who is being creative and innovative. I also think critical topics of the moment are important, so we will explore emotional and mental health topics in addition to spiritual issues. I want there to be something for every listener every time.


Q. What do you hope listeners will glean? What are some anticipated outcomes?

A. We hope this will be a favorite podcast destination that inspires listeners to go deeper in their Christian faith walk. It is designed to offer an extensive array of thought leaders who will provide personalized perspectives as they show us what it means to follow Christ.


Q. Your podcast is sponsored by CWLC. What would you say to women who don’t see themselves as leaders and therefore, might think the podcast is not for them?

A. I would have to respectfully disagree with any woman who thinks they are not a leader. God has gifted and equipped each person to carry out the work of His Kingdom. In every role in life, there are elements of leadership. We should be on a lifelong quest and always lean into learning, growing, and developing as leaders.


Q. You are a gifted storyteller and have such a good rapport with those you interview. How do you approach your interviews and develop your questions?

A. I am a curious person by nature. I treasure gleaning new bits of data and information and engaging in logical thinking. That comes from the left side of my brain. From the right side of the brain, creativity emerges. Storytelling enables us to receive new information in a way that creates an emotional response we can remember. I want to approach interviews in a way that taps into both sides of the brain. Some interviews will be heavier on one side or the other, but overall, my goal is to achieve balance.


Q. So far, what do you enjoy the most about hosting a podcast?

A. I enjoy getting a peek inside the lives and views of intriguing Christian leaders. I find them to be transparent and incredibly authentic.


Q. What has been the biggest surprise (in hosting a podcast)?

A. I am surprised by the takeaways. Every interview leaves me with nuggets of information and wisdom that improves my outlook, challenges my perspective and/or inspires. And each person I interview leaves me wanting to know more.