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On the Journey

A Bracelet with a Message

As the world becomes increasingly accepting of all beliefs as true and fewer people recognize their need for salvation though Christ, it’s easy to wonder whether Christians truly are responding to the call of God to share Christ’s love with all people. Where is the power of the gospel in our world?

WMU seeks to come alongside the church to accomplish the mission of God. God issued the mandate for us to be involved in missions through the Great Commission. All ages should be energized, motivated, and equipped for missions.

Laura contacted me to find out my favorite color. A few weeks later, she came to a meeting with a gift in hand for me from her daughter, Ella. Laura handed me a beautiful green beaded bracelet with three capital letter Ms in the center. Laura told me the letters stand for Mission Matters Most. Who taught Ella the mission of God is more important than anything else? I am sure countless people have poured into the 11-year-old. Yet I need look no further than her family to see a long heritage of missions advocates.

Ella’s great-great-grandfather was a pastor and then became the leader of a state convention. For S. A. Whitlow, the mission mattered most.

Ella’s great-grandmother has been a tireless missions advocate her entire life. She has been involved with WMU at the local, associational, and state levels. Betty served as an International Mission Board trustee and mentored her children in missions. For Betty, the mission matters most.

Two of Betty’s children, Ella’s great-aunt Debbie and great-uncle Alan, went to the missions field and touched lives in Southeast Asia, North Africa, and West Africa. For Debbie and Alan, the mission matters most.

Ella’s parents, Laura and Daniel, both grew up involved in missions. Laura was a journeyman in South Africa and is now state WMU president for Arkansas. Daniel is a pastor. They both have been involved in countless missions experiences locally and globally because they believe the mission matters most.

It’s beautiful to see multiple generations committed to making disciples of Jesus who live on mission. Help WMU train new generations to understand the mission of God and be involved in His work in the world. Thank you for gifts to the WMU Vision Fund to support the Mission Matters Most campaign.



Our desire is that the peoples of the earth would have the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel. Thank You for the Vision Fund, which allows us to proclaim into the future that the mission matters most. Help us equip, empower, and enable the next generation to take their place in Your plan.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Sandy Wisdom-Martin serves as the executive director/treasurer for national WMU.