Mission Friends Leaders Summer Camp

2021 Summer Camp for Mission Friends Teachers–Day 1

Welcome to Summer Camp for Mission Friends Leaders! This year the 3-day mini-camp is our fun way to help you get ready for the upcoming year in Mission Friends.

We will share ideas, free downloads, and some giveaways. Come to the Mission Friends Facebook page each day of Summer Camp for something new.

Starting a new church year in Mission Friends is exciting!

We have heard from many Mission Friends leaders that you are starting up again after not meeting for a year and a half because of the pandemic. Some Mission Friends groups are starting again after being off for the summer. Others have continued, and are looking forward to a fresh start to a new year. Be ready by preparing and planning for your Mission Friends.

Planning Tools 
Day 1 Summer Camp Photo 1

Two resources are your main tools to plan your Mission Friends sessions.

  • Mission Friends Leader: The essential resource for background about the month’s missions focus, activity suggestions, and Group Time plans.
  • Mission Friends Leader Kit: Make preparation easier with posters, games, Bible bookmarks, puppets, recipes, and missionary photos to go along with the monthly units in Mission Friends Leader.
Day 1 Download 


The Mission Friends Plan Sheet  is our download for day 1 of Summer Camp. Here are some tips for using the Plan Sheet.

  • Plan a month at a time. This makes weekly plans so much easier.
  • Choose 3 or 4 activities from Mission Friends Leader for each session, depending on your amount of time. You don’t have to fill in every box on the Plan Sheet.
  • Check that you use a variety of interest areas throughout the month.
  • Jot down on the Plan Sheet any supplies that are needed to purchase, order, or gather.
  • Plan with other Mission Friends leaders in your church. Make assignments for leading activities and Group Time.
  • Make sure each leader has a copy of the completed Plan Sheet.
  • Keep your Plan Sheet with Mission Friends Leader as a quick reference for each session.
Organizing Items from Mission Friends Leader Kit 

Day 1 Photo 3 Summer Camp

Mission Friends Leader Kit includes items for each month of the quarter, as well as 4 teaching pictures for each month. The items are nested together and easier than ever to prepare. Organize the Kit items so all you need to do is pull out the Kit items needed for the weekly sessions.

  • Prepare a folder for each month of the quarter.
  • Pull out the Kit items to place in the folder for each month.
  • Place the teaching pictures in the monthly folders.
  • Prepare any Kit items that you will mount on poster board or card stock to strengthen or cover with clear, self-adhesive plastic.
  • Cut apart matching games, puzzles, or bookmarks. Keep item pieces together by placing the pieces in an envelope or ziplock bag. Place the Kit item number on the envelope or bag for easy reference.
  • Pull out items as needed.
Other Helps

Find these helpful forms on the Free Downloads tab at wmu.com/preschool

  • Mission Friends Enrollment Form
  • Attendance Chart
  • Allergy Alert Chart

The WMU preschool team is praying for you and your church as you prepare and plan for a great year in Mission Friends! Visit the Mission Friends Facebook page tomorrow for Day 2 of Summer Camp. We will share ideas for teaching preschoolers while keeping them 6 feet apart. See you tomorrow!