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International Missions Study—This year we’ll be staying closer to home by spotlighting Peru in the IMS. Peru is a land of diversity with a rich history of ancient cultures including the Inca Empire. Explore this developing country stretching from the Pacific Coast to the Andes Mountains to the Amazon Basin. Learn how God is moving today as missionaries and their national partners are reaching urban dwellers and indigenous villagers alike—with the ultimate goal of Peruvians reaching the nations!

Learn more about Peru in the International Mission Study 2013. The resources listed below are available and can be ordered on or by calling WMU Customer Service at 1-800-968-7301.

International Mission Study 2013 Promotion Kit: Peru
W133103 · $12.99

International Mission Study 2013 Adult Teaching Guide: Peru
W134120 · $4.99

International Mission Study 2013 Adult/Student Tabloid: Peru
W134121 · $2.99

International Mission Study 2013 Student Teaching Guide: Peru
W136102 · $5.99

Kids Reaching Kids: Peru—Kids’ Booklet
W137102 · $3.99

Kids Reaching Kids: Peru—Leader Guide
W137101 · $13.99

International Mission Study 2013 Preschool Teaching Guide (Peru)

W138102 · $4.99

International Mission Study Badge
W117164 · $2.99

Free downloadables:
Colorful Extras—Colorful flyers, bulletin insert, map, clip art, and fast facts referenced on page 1 of the International Mission Study 2013 Promotion Guide for Churches. (PDF)



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