>> Provide an active, fun, dynamic, experiential way for students to grow in relationship to Christ. Acteens is a missions organization for girls ages 1217 or in grades 712. Through Acteens, teenage girls have opportunities to grow in their relationships with God and their peers. Acteens learn to look beyond themselves and become actively involved in missions and ministry.

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The Mag

Along with having mission stories, activities, and other information to use in Acteens meetings, The Mag contains stories about teen girls from around the world, devotions, spiritual growth articles, yearly theme articles, personal missions project ideas, music reviews by teen girls, personal missions essays by teen girls, and much more.

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Acteens Leader

Each month of Acteens curriculum includes a Bible study lesson, a spiritual development lesson, a cultural lesson (focusing on a specific missionary), and a hands-on missions experience. Mission stories, articles, and activities for use in Acteens meetings are found in The Mag (the quarterly magazine for Acteens).

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Additional Resources

MissionsQuest: The Acteens Individual Achievement Plan (CD)

Girls can choose to work on their quests in any order during their time in Acteens. Also includes ideas for recognition services and how to incorporate MissionsQuest into the overall Acteens program of a church. 

MissionsQuest challenges girls to live their Christian lives each day to the fullest by promoting spiritual growth and missions involvement. 

W146105 • $34.99

>> What is MissionsQuest?

Carry On:
Prepping and Packing for Successful Missions Trips

Carry On provides all the information you need to prepare your students and your leaders for your next missions trip to carry the gospel locally, regionally, and internationally. Topics include a 6-week preparation guide, budgeting, the why's and when's of pre-project site visits, preparing backup plans for unexpected problems or changes, onsite do's and don'ts, and much more. Prepare to carry on despite challenges. Prepare for missions trip success.

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