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Week of Prayer for North American Missions

This week (March 6–13), Southern Baptists all over the country are joining together for the Week of Prayer for North American Missions. During this time, churches commit to pray for the work of our North American missionaries as they share the love of Jesus with others. The children you lead in missions will certainly want to participate in this special week of prayer, too! Consider involving girls and boys in one or more of the following activities.

  • Visit to view video coverage about the featured missionaries.
  • Guide children to make a prayer chain to help them pray for the Week of Prayer missionaries each day. Provide construction paper strips and instruct children to write the names of each missionary couple on a different strip. Interlock the strips using glue or tape to make a paper chain. Instruct children to take their prayer chains home and place them in a visible spot. Each day throughout the week, children can tear off one link and pray for that missionary couple.
  • Encourage children to be like Miss Annie Armstrong and write letters of thanks and encouragement to the featured missionaries. Everybody loves to receive a handwritten letter in the mail!
  • Provide children with a small map of North America. On the map, have children locate the cities where the Week of Prayer missionaries live. Mark each place with stickers, markers, or a small photo of the missionaries. Send the maps home and encourage children to pray with their families for these missionaries throughout the week.
  • Provide materials for children to make banks to save money for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. Remind children that the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is collected each year to support North American Mission Board (NAMB) missionaries. Encourage children to take home banks to collect and save money throughout the month. As a group, pray over the banks and ask God to use the offerings to share His love with people across North America.
  • Set up interactive stations around your meeting space, featuring a different Week of Prayer missionary couple at each station. Look for creative ways to involve children in a variety of activities. As children rotate through the stations, they will learn more about the missionaries and their ministries. Include a time of prayer at each station before moving to the next one.

Our missionaries are counting on everyone’s support—from the youngest to the oldest! By being involved in the Week of Prayer, children realize that even they play an important role in missions.

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