Different Faces, One Mission

One year has come and gone since I first walked through the doors of national WMU. A year ago, I couldn't have possibly imagined all the things I would learn, people I would meet, and places I would see. But in all that time, the one thing that still intrigues me the most are the many different faces of Royal Ambassadors. Sure, most all of us say the pledge, know the motto, talk about the virtues, and tell the missionary stories, but outside of that, there is a boundless ocean of variety and uniqueness that varies from chapter to chapter. I am continually stunned that the heart of Royal Ambassadors can be adopted in so many distinctive ways.

Sharing Christ with boys—check! Teaching boys to share their faith—check! Encouraging boys to take part in God's mission—check! This is what makes a Royal Ambassador, but these same lessons can be taught in a number of ways. Some states have a robust camp system that seeks to shepherd and mentor future generations through outdoor leadership skills. Others place an emphasis on Bible study and Scripture memorization to provide a Biblical foundation for the missional lifestyles they lead. Others, still, gravitate toward more unconventional group structures that focus on instilling the RA Virtues in afterschool programs. And most employ a combination of all three! From Nigeria to Brazil and all across our own country, Royal Ambassadors are all seeking to find their places in the mission of God.

Some may see these different faces as a weakness, but I see a God who celebrates a diversity of skills and passions doing an amazing work in the hearts and minds of boys and their leaders everywhere. I don't know what God has in store for the future, but I am certain that the one mission of Royal Ambassadors, with all of its unique faces, is here to stay.

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