The Impact of Children's Missions Day

Children’s Missions Day gives you everything you need to know in the title: children do missions in their communities on or around a day in February. When all of this comes together, you have the best recipe for a large, collective group of children sharing God’s love all across the country. Such a day is heartwarming, inspiring and all for the glory of God. This year, we’ve enjoyed reading and sharing the stories of kids living out the CMD 2018 “Go Serve” theme.

The GAs of Calvary Baptist Church in Denison, Texas, went door to door in an apartment complex with their pastor to meet the residents and pass out gifts of homemade cookies and handmade booklets with the plan of salvation and information about their church. The CAs of Friendship Baptist Church in Lenoir City, Tennessee, cleaned up a local park and handed out goody bags (and even dog treat bags for dog owners) to the people enjoying the park. Several children’s groups visited firefighters, police officers and EMTs, while several others visited residents at nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Cynthia Hardee had this to say about the children of Providence Baptist Church in Sumter, South Carolina:

“The GAs, RAs and youth of our church raised items and monies for United Ministry of Sumter to help the homeless community in our area. We collected on 2 different days; we spent 1 day at a local hardware store, and on CMD we were at our local Walmart. We handed out flyers and thank-you Scripture notes to most who walked by us. The kids spent a total of 12.5 hours collecting in our community. Through the power of God, they were able to collect over $1,500 in cash and approximately $1,300 in merchandise. The following Wednesday night, they packed 30 backpacks with over 20 items to donate to United Ministry to hand out to those in need. The GAs, RAs and youth will go this Wednesday to feed the shelter guests and minister to them. We really love CMD at Providence and try it make it a project that lasts for more than a day and a project in which the kids can be hands-on in so many ways. The Lord truly blessed us as we served in our community. The kids met so many people from so many backgrounds and churches who were happy to take time to give and to tell the kids, ‘Thank you for serving.’ Oh, the blessing we receive from blessing others.”

Children’s Missions Day 2018 was (and still is) an exciting time. Every story shared represents the opportunity children had to help others and share the love of Jesus with them. If your group didn’t get the opportunity to participate in CMD this year, don’t worry! This event comes around every year. Our theme for CMD 2019 is “Go Tell.” Start brainstorming now for ways your children can serve your community while sharing the love of Jesus with others. You can find other groups' stories here, here and here if you need some ideas and inspiration.

And don’t forget: missions projects don’t have to be limited to Children’s Missions Day. People need to hear about the love of Jesus Christ all year long. It’s never too late or too early.


Jessica Graham is a copy editor for children’s materials at national WMU. She enjoys reading, writing, spending time with loved ones and staying up too late.

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