Never Too Young to Tell Others

There are some things in life that are best left to adults. I’m thinking about things like driving a car, being an astronaut, performing surgery, or skydiving.

But, on the other hand, there are other areas in life where age really isn’t that important. An example? I’m thinking about evangelism—sharing our faith with others.

The Bible teaches us that sharing our faith is a vital part of fulfilling the Great Commission. When you check out Matthew 28, you will discover that there is no age requirement for sharing one’s faith. All of us are responsible.

So, what should we teach our children about sharing their faith? Here are few simple things to talk with them about.

First, we should encourage our children to invite their friends to church with them. This is probably the easiest way to introduce the subject of faith to others. Even the smallest child can ask a friend to come to church with them.

Second, we should encourage our children to share with their friends how God helps them. If a friend is worried, our children should be able to share how praying to God helps them when they are worried. If our children have friends who are struggling with moral issues, they should be able to share the truths found in God’s Word with them.

Third, we should encourage our children to make their lives a living testimony of their faith. Can they be counted on to tell the truth? Do they show God’s love to those around them? Do their lives reflect the fruit of the Spirit? Do they respect their parents? Are they a good friend to others? Over time, as our children live out their faith, their friends will begin to notice the difference. When they do, our children have an opportunity to share their faith.

Fourth, we should encourage our children to serve others. As they serve others, God often opens the door to share His love with them. When we serve others, people often ask, “Why are you doing this?” Jesus put the two together in His ministry on earth and we need to as well.

Let’s remind our children that when they feel led by God to talk with someone about Jesus, they should begin to pray for that person and ask God to give them the opportunity to share their faith. When God gives them the opportunity, they should talk with the person naturally, as if they are carrying on a regular conversation. There’s no need to argue or debate or try to convince. Let God do the leading.


M. Steve Heartsill is the managing editor for Children in Action, Royal Ambassadors, and Challengers.

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