Your CMD 2018 Stories (Part 5)

We have more stories for you! Let's hear what children from across the country did for this year's Children's Missions Day to serve their communities.

GAs and RAs at Rice Memorial Baptist made valentines for the residents at an assisted living in Greenwood, South Carolina. They sang songs and gave their cards to each resident. The residents loved their visit and told them to come back again!” (For a glimpse of their awesome day, check out the photo to the right!)

— Kim Stackhouse, for the GAs and RAs at Rice Memorial Baptist Church in Greenwood, South Carolina

“This was our first time participating in Children’s Missions Day. Our group included our RAs, GAs, Mission Friends and youth. We partnered with a sister church in our community to break out in 3 teams. Team 1 went to our local food bank to stock shelves and help clean up. Team 2 hit the town square with special treats. We visited with local business owners and employees to let them know our church was thankful for their contributions to our town and that we were praying for them. Team 3 went to the local gym to pass out water bottles with a message of love to those who were there to work out. They also brought treats to the businesses near the gym. It was a great day, and we are already looking forward to next year!”

— Dorothy Sherwood, for GAs, RAs and Mission Friends at First Baptist Church Darlington in Darlington, South Carolina

“Our GAs and RAs passed out free water bottles at our church’s Ball Ministry Opening Day. Our Ball Ministry includes children ages 4 to 18 from all over our community. There are always many family members who come to watch the kids play T-ball and softball, especially on Opening Day. As they gave out bottles, they shared with people that “God loves you” or “Jesus loves you” (when they remembered). There were lots of hugs and smiles shared also.

The GAs used their creativity to make labels for the water bottles that shared Scripture, God loves you, or Jesus Saves a few weeks ago. (Copies of their work were used to save time.) The adults and a few older GAs used clear packaging tape to put the labels on. We prayed over the bottles and for Children’s Missions Day the Wednesday before the event, and God blessed us with safety and nice weather. Approximately 250 water bottles were given away. It was great to see people looking at the label on the bottle, and many were very appreciative of a free cool drink.”

— Sharon Flynt, for the GAs and RAs at Union Baptist Church in Picayune, Mississippi

“Our RAs and GAs picked certain people in our community who needed to hear that God loves them, and they chose those who had a special place in their hearts. Those chosen were a school secretary and her husband who just had open heart surgery, our local and surrounding town police officers, a grandfather who lives alone, our town mayor and his wife who have cancer, a friend who needed to know she was special, a grandfather who had just had a praise and was shown God’s mercy, and a special man in our community who lost his wife unexpectedly and needed to be shown how much God loves him. These 9 children started 3 weeks before CMD, planning and getting excited for this event. They prayed and chose their people to minister to the first week, the next week they made special cards for those special people, and then some very sweet ladies in our church made several dozen cookies and the children decorated them. The children told each person how much they are loved by God and that they were continuing to pray for them. The best part of this CMD this year was seeing the people these children ministered to at church on Sunday morning. Some very seldom come, but the thought that a child prayed for them and told them that God loves them made a huge impact on them and they came to church. God is moving in our children at Tullos First Baptist Church!”

— Nikki Blackwell, for GAs and RAs at Tullos First Baptist Church in Tullos, Louisiana

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