Putting Feet to Your Faith

One of the most important parts of missions is not just learning, but doing. That's what Children's Missions Day (CMD) is all about. During CMD, kids get the opportunity to put feet to what they've learned. They get to be on mission, maybe for the first time.

Here are a few tips to help you get as many kids involved as possible:

1. Make It Fun
Whatever you decide to do as your project, make sure there are some elements of fun included. You might have to think outside the box: sing while you work, visit a local park after your project, or even bring a sweet treat along and take a snack break. Fun helps the work feel more like play!

2. Make It Meaningful
Take a few minutes before, during, and after the project to talk about what's happening and what it means to everyone involved on both sides of the project. As kids get to talk about the impact the project is making on them and the other people involved, it will help them to see the big picture of God's love at work.

3. Make It Known
Promote, promote, promote! Create invitations and let kids help spread the word to their friends. Make sure everyone in your church knows about the project so they can be involved. The more people who know about the project, the more kids will be involved.

Once kids experience the excitement of doing missions, their lives will never be the same!


by Michelle Suarez


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