Families on Mission: Providing Socks and Gloves to a Local Shelter

On cold days, warm hands and feet surely do feel good! Among the things we take for granted are a drawer full of clean socks and a pair of gloves in our jacket pockets. Have you ever been without these? I don't think I have.

This small gift of providing socks and gloves to those in need may seem insignificant, but those who go without are very appreciative of these gifts that let them know people do care.

Call local shelters, ministries, agencies, or any church that offers assistance to those in need. Ask if they have a need for socks and gloves and when to deliver your collection if they do.

Create a "Warming Tree" by displaying a real stocking hat on top of a Christmas tree with paper gloves and socks as ornaments. On the front of each ornament, instruct children to write one pair of gloves or one pair of socks. On the back, ask them to write a message like Thank you for caringYou are generous, or Someone will be blessed. This is a great activity to involve children and their families. 

Place the tree in your church. Encourage people to take a paper ornament as a reminder to make this purchase and return it to the collection box. Be sure to post when to return the socks and gloves and where they will be distributed so contributors know how they are being used. Encourage children to select an ornament and make a purchase to give. Arrange a time for families to deliver the socks and gloves to those in need. 

This meaningful gesture may be the only kind act of caring a person may receive. Wouldn't you like to transform a struggling face into a smiling face? You can!


by Jeanne Wedekind


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