Getting to Know Lottie

Let’s face it. You know who Lottie Moon is. You know what the offering is all about. You know why it is important to pray for our missionaries. But, you’re reading this because you want other people to have the same urgency about these things as you. You want to ensure the next generation knows what you know.

Instead of assuming kids know everything about Lottie Moon, use a question-and-answer time with small prizes to see what your kids actually know. Depending on their age group, you may be surprised at how much (or how little) they know or remember.

Possible questions include:

  • What kinds of things is the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering used for? (missionary housing, salaries, insurance, transportation, MK education)
  • Where was Lottie Moon a missionary? (China)
  • Where is Lottie Moon from? (Virginia)

Make the time as interactive as possible. If someone asks a question, see if there is an older child who knows the answer. Give a lot of praise if a child gets the answer correct. If the answer is incorrect, ask if someone else can provide an answer.

Be enthusiastic when presenting information. The right attitude can garner immediate interest and attention. Explain how the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering pays for missionaries to rent a house or an apartment, gives them money to take the bus or train to do their work, or provides them money to buy groceries and new clothes. Help kids understand that we help support missionaries when we give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

by Rick Boyne


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