Springtime Prayers

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the children’s team would encourage GA, RA, and CA leaders to focus on encouraging children to pray for workers, their communities, and their families. Consider using some of these prayer ideas to share with children and families as you reach out them during this time.

Select an idea to jump-start prayer!

Hoop-Hanging Prayers—Provide a small hoop (bracelet, plastic foam, or embroidery), string, small slips of paper, and markers/pencils. Invite children to write prayers on the paper and then hang them from the hoop both inside and below the hoop. Create a loop on top of the hoop for display at home.

Pass the Plate Prayers—Have music available. Distribute dessert-size paper plates on which children will write prayers for missionary needs. Stand in a circle and pass the plates as the music plays. When the music stops, ask a child to pray for the request on the plate. (You may designate a particular person to volunteer when the music stops.)

March a Missionary Prayer—Start clapping a slow, rhythmic beat with your hands, and instruct children to march around the room, chanting:

Miss-ion-ar-ies need our prayers

                                           So we must pray for them (one extra clap before the next line).

As we pray, we know that God

Will hear and answer them.

Pause for a prayer request, then continue the march and chant as often as needed.

Rope a Prayer—Write prayer requests on sticky notes and place on full water bottles. Ask children to throw a lasso over one of the bottles and pray for that request. Allow children to take bottles home as prayer reminders.

Skewer It Up—Provide wooden skewers, small squares of paper (2-by-2 inches), and markers or pencils. Guide children to write three prayer requests on separate papers. Assist children with “skewering” the requests. Sit in a circle, and ask volunteers to pray for the requests they have written.

Pray, Eat, Pop—Provide popped popcorn. Review prayer requests from the unit. Guide children to pick a piece of popcorn, say a one-sentence prayer, and then pop the kernel into their mouths. Continue as needed. Water may be provided.

Sand Art Prayer—Before the session, cut out state shapes from fine sandpaper. Write prayer requests on the back with a permanent marker. Alternatively, older children can do the preparation if a template and requests are provided. Provide crayons for children to color on the sandy side. Share art with the group, and pray for the requests. 

Prayer Shoe—Provide markers and patterns of a horseshoe for children to trace onto brown heavy paper, like card stock or light cardboard. Use scissors to cut out shapes. Guide children to write prayer requests around the horseshoe shape. After praying for the requests, play a short game using water bottles or other “post” item. Or, have children pray once they get a “ringer.”

Hooked Hearts—Provide premade heart shapes, or allow each child to cut out four hearts. Use a hole punch to create holes on the outer left and right sides of the heart. Guide children to write L-O-V-E with one letter per heart. Provide paper clips or string to connect the hearts. Requests can be written on front or back. Or, challenge children to write words that begin with each letter.


by Judith K. Moore

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