Three Ways We Invest Our Time as a Family

We moved from a South Asian city back to an American city. In South Asia, relationships trump tasks. You may begin to leave your house to run errands, but if a neighbor shows up, you stay and serve them chai. Relationships come before tasks.

Moving back to the United States made me question how I would spend my time. Add in being a new momma (and, for the first time, a stay-at-home mom), being a pastor’s wife, and living in a new town; I had many avenues where I could invest my time.

Love God. Love my family. Love my neighbor.

These three things have become themes in our family. Here are some ways we choose to invest our time as a family each day:

1. Love God. We spend each morning reading the Word and praying for a people group and missionaries. We use Missions Mosaic (a monthly missions magazine from WMU) and Prayer Points (from the International Mission Board) to pray for those around the world. We pick a book of the Bible and read a chapter a day. This routine takes diligence (and a lot of chasing around our toddler) to wake up a little earlier, sit down together (or at least remain in the same room), and do these things; but it begins our day focused on God and His mission in the world.

2. Love my family. Being back in the States showed us how many things beg for our individual attention each day, but we have made it a priority to do things as a family. We love to include our daughter in ministry and missions. She has opened the door many times for conversations about Christ because of her presence.

3. Love my neighbor. We chose to live intentionally close to our church family and to others by living in a subdivision in the downtown area of our city. We talk to our neighbors and spend time with them. I go on walks with one of the single moms in our neighborhood and her son as we push our strollers and talk about the Lord and our children. We are able to volunteer more easily, go to dinner with people more often, and offer our house as a place to host because of its location and the time it takes to get there from the center of the city (2 minutes).

Time can be a precious gift we give to others. Where we spend our time will show the depths of our heart. When we think of our time and where we are placing it, let us consider how we invest our time in light of eternity. And if a neighbor shows up at your home, make her a cup of coffee or tea—even if you’re late for your appointment—and see how that relationship and time can be used for the glory of God.


Bekah Rivers* is a momma to a darling little girl (and a sweet pup), wife to a pastor, and advocate for all believers to be on mission.

*Name changed.

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