What’s Your Part?

This month, we are praying—I mean really praying—for our part in God’s great mission. I’m pressing in to see my part more clearly. What about you? What’s your part?

For most churches, the fall kicks off a new year. It is a good time to pray about new things—new opportunities, new relationships, new routines, new challenges. What is new for you? Could it be that God has something new in mind? I love Isaiah 43:19. God is a “doing-a-new-thing” kind of God. He is able to do more than we can imagine (Eph. 3:20–21). I suppose that’s why, in my life anyway, He usually shows 1 step at a time. It is always new, always fresh.

Did you know that you were created for new things? If Jesus is your Savior and Lord, you are a new creation in Christ. You live in a new covenant. Every morning, God’s mercies are new for you! The Bible talks about new wine in new wineskins. And we are all waiting for a new body, a new heaven, and a new earth. New things are exciting.

Sometimes it may seem as if we are waiting for a new thing to begin. Either way, we are called to faithfulness. We can be faithful to God and His mission in any season of life. If you are presented with a new challenge, then jump in with all your heart. If you are waiting, then get excited about serving while you wait. There is blessing in both.

If it is a new day, be encouraged and embrace it with full faith! Trust God with the new opportunity He has given. It is based on His strength, not yours.

And if you are called to wait, then serve, love, seek to know God more, find a way to help someone, and speak words of truth, being faithful with what you know now. God’s plans are more than we could ask for or imagine. Praying for our part could be just 1 step away from seeing more clearly.

May this be our prayer today: Lord, we seek your will for our lives. Show us what our part of your great mission is to be for this season. We trust you. Help us to be faithful. Amen.

Laura Harper is ministry consultant to adult audiences at WMU. She loves her family, coffee, chocolate, and all things missions.

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