When You Just Can’t Seem to Find the Time for Relationships

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Relationships are one of the greatest gifts God has given us. God has created us to be relational beings—first in a relationship with Him and then in relationship with each other. Relationships bring blessing and joy into our lives and provide us with the love and support we have been designed to need. But often we find ourselves struggling to balance deep friendships and the busyness of life. Consider these 3 practical ways to make time for relationships.

Recommend a reoccurrence.

Relationships deepen as we regularly walk through life together. A great way to do this is to set fixed times so that every week (or month) at this particular time you know you will be meeting. Ask a friend or group of friends to meet regularly with you, even if those meetings are at odd times. The scheduling may be difficult, but the payoff will be great.

Mobilize the mundane.

One of the easiest ways to make time for relationships is to invite people into your everyday life. Making dinner, folding laundry, and running errands can be opportunities to spend quality time with friends. This brings meaning into tasks that sometimes seem mundane and provides a unique way to make great memories together. It makes going to the gym a lot more fun!

Embrace the effort.

Relationships take work; they require time, effort, and energy. With demanding jobs and hectic lives, we can easily push relationships to the side. Instead of giving in to this temptation, rejoice in the opportunity to invest your time and energy. In doing so, you get to imitate Christ’s love for us. Embrace the effort it takes to have deep relationships.

Through friendships, we get unique opportunities to point friends to Christ, and we are encouraged and strengthened through the love of others. Relationships may take creative thinking and hard work, but they are worth it.

Selah Ulmer is a seminary student in Kansas City, Missouri. She desires to see people of all ages know the Lord deeply and apply His Word to their lives.

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