Unshakable Pursuit

pursue God through study

“The chase is on . . . ”, “We are in pursuit . . . ”, “Ready or not . . . here I come”

What phrases do you think of when you hear the phrase unshakable pursuit? I mentally flip through books and movie phrases (and, of course, “hide-and-seek”). In these words, there is a sense that someone is coming after you. In some of the books or stories, a pursuit can be the good guys after the bad guys, the search for a missing jewel, or even solving a fantastic mystery. Our unshakable pursuit is to come to better know God including how He has been seeking after us. The Bible grants us so many great stories of how He is making Himself known!

I love good stories where there is drama, a bit of comedy, and a lot of heart. As we look at the Scripture passage of focus for our unshakable pursuit, Acts 17:16–28, we are presented with a dramatic scene that could make a really cool movie or television scene. Paul, the first missionary, has reached Athens. In the seat of what we know today as Western civilization, Paul is walking the town seeking to share the truth of Jesus with the Jews and all who will listen. In this town of many gods, great thinkers, and those who wish to seem wise, Paul has come to town to teach about something new. And whadda ya know, someone asks him to speak before the community and explain why he is in Athens.

In my head, Paul stands up, rubs his hands together, cracks his knuckles, and digs in. “So, folks, you know this one little statue over here? This one statue you put up just to make sure all your bases were covered? This statue that you mark to the Unknown God shows you are looking for more.  I’m here today to tell you that the One True God is the only one worthy of worship. And He is there for you to know, for you to seek and—by the way—He is seeking you! In fact, He gave you life and created the earth so that we would seek Him.”

Paul shares this truth with the people of Athens. God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth desires a relationship with you. He purposefully created the very earth around us so that we may look for Him. We have been made—in our very core—to seek something greater. We were made to want something more, to chase after that something we don’t know or understand.

As I seek to fill my days, I want to remember that what I should be ultimately seeking is to know God more. To fill that “empty spot” with Him—and not the next great outfit, movie trivia, or delicious pizza—should be my true pursuit. He made all of creation with the idea of pointing me to Him. The very part of me that is looking for something more was created to search for HIM.

I pray that as you write your story on this earth, that your ultimate chase, your unshakable pursuit, will be to know the One True God.

Pray: Father, may I seek to know more about You. Thank You that Your very creation points me in Your direction. Help me point my Mission Friends and others toward You.

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