Organizing for Mission Friends

Art supplies to clean up

Summer is a good time to go through your Mission Friends classroom to clean and organize. Take a look at your room and see what needs to be spruced up. We share some ideas to freshen up your classroom.

  • Look through your room and chunk any broken toys or equipment. Anything with sharp edges is a safety concern.

  • Go through the preschool books on the bookshelf. Are pages or covers missing or torn? Are there books that can be repaired, or do you have some that need to be replaced?

  • Take down items from previous units of the Mission Friends Resource Kit and Pictures. Put up items for preschoolers to focus on this month’s missionaries and missions area.

  • Clear out supplies such as that empty paint container in the cabinet. Yes, you intended to eek out the last drop, but now it is dried up. Time to throw it out.

  • Make sure all cleaning supplies are stored out of the reach of preschoolers.

  • Check the diaper-changing area. Give the area a good cleaning and disinfecting. Stock up on supplies such as disposable gloves.

  • Check all electrical outlets for safety covers. These somehow go missing periodically.

  • Disinfect the tables and other furniture, as well as toys in the room.

  • Check for rugs that need to be washed or carpet that needs shampooing. Notify the church office of these needs.

  • Straighten up the dress-up clothes in the Homeliving area. Are there items that need to be laundered or thrown out?

  • Launder paint smocks used in Art.

  • Replace that same bulletin board that has been up for months. Freshen up the bulletin board with clean paper and borders.

  • Organize art supplies or nature items in plastic bins.

Seem daunting? Plan a time to work with teachers who share the space in other ministries such as Sunday School. Divide the tasks among teachers with the goal of accomplishing tasks before promotion day of the new church year. Ask parents of Mission Friends to help with tasks also. Many parents would be willing to launder paint smocks or repair torn pages in books.

A refreshed, clean room makes a big difference as you make sure preschoolers are safe and healthy. It also speaks volumes to parents that you care about the health and safety of their preschoolers. Cleaning and organizing will freshen up your room and certainly make the time in the classroom more pleasant for both the preschoolers and you.

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